Another Bottle of Yamalube Oil Keeps My Dad’s Fishing Season Going Strong

domo online blog 5 9-16-14Yesterday, I went over to my father’s house to go out on a fishing trip with him on the small lake that is near to his home. As usual, he was all ready to go with his boat hooked up to his truck and everything perfectly prepared for the fishing trip. We went out on the lake and had a great time hooking trout and reeling them in throughout the early morning.

When we were done with our trip and returned to shore, my father made sure that the boat was securely on the trailer again. When he got home, he filled the boat up again with gasoline and Yamalube oil so that he would be able to go out fishing again tomorrow. My father really wants to make the most of the season before it is over and the lake by his house is closed.

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