Yamalube 2M Oil and My Son’s First Fishing Trip

Shields 6-20-09 002I’m taking my young son on his first boating and fishing trip next weekend. He’s just old enough to be able to use a small children’s fishing pole and smart enough to keep his lifejacket on when I tell him it’s dangerous to take it off. As someone who has always been a huge fan of boating and fishing, I’m really excited to share this experience with my son.

Since I want to make sure this is a good memory for him, I’ve been trying to ensure that everything goes smoothly. I’ve been double and triple checking the weather every day so that I can make sure it’ll be nice outside on the day that we’re going. I’ve also been doing all the proper maintenance that I can on my boat with Yamalube 2M oil to ensure it’ll work fine.

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