Is Yamalube 2m oil Adequate Enough For Me?

Quads in QueenstownI’m always worried that I’m not taking good enough care of my outboard engine. My boat is the second biggest purchase of my life so I want to make sure that it’s going to last and not give out on me in a few years. I follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to maintain it and I often ask mechanics to give me tips and advice.

The other day, I was wondering if I should change the kind of oil I am using on my outboard engine. I currently use Yamalube 2m Oil and it works fine for me, but I’m curious if another brand will have more benefits. I want to try some fully synthetic oil because I read that it protects the engine better. My current oil is only partially synthetic. The other kind is more expensive so I am kind of apprehensive to switch because it might do the same things my current oil does, but for a higher price. Most people say that it can be beneficial to switch but using the same brand also a safe way to go. I think I’m just going to stick with what I am currently doing.

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Sticking With Yamaha 2s Oil

paytonrubi2xw8My friend comes to me if he has any problems with his outboard engine. He has only owned one boat in his life and he just recently purchased it. He has no history of boat ownership in his family so he had nobody to teach him the basics of boat care when he was younger. I do my best to help him out whenever he needs it.

Last week, he told me that his engine sounded choppy when he took it out on the lake. At one point, the engine stalled. I told him that he should change his oil so his engine could get lubed up and that should solve the problem. He told me he used Yamaha 2s oil and asked if it was the right oil to use. I said it was good so long as he constantly used it and not got anything a grade lower. I told him to stick with good oil because it would reduce carbon deposit buildup in his engine. I also told him to change his oil frequently to better the lifespan of his engine.

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Winter Fishing for Bass

We had our last fishing trip of the year just recently. We caught a decent amount of bass, which was great because we all actually enjoy eating bass. A lot of people are fans of trout and salmon, but they tend to forget that bass is a perfectly edible fish that I think can be quite tasty if it’s prepared correctly.

I stopped off and got some Yamalube oil on our way home because I figured it’d be a good time to do some maintenance on my boat since we were about to hit wintertime and there’s not a whole lot of boating to be done in the winter. It was pretty chilly even here on our last trip, but once winter really kicks off, it’ll be unbearable, unless you’re out to do some ice fishing.

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A Fisherman’s Secret

My best friend is a genius when it comes to fishing; he fishes as if it were his job, like he’s professionally trained or something. He’s always coming back from fishing expeditions with tons of fish to cook up. I’ve never been fully aware as to how he does it! It might be a certain kind of bait, or something he does with his pole, or maybe he just knows where the best spots are.

Regardless, I wanted to learn his secrets through any means possible, because I’ve always wanted to fish as well as he can. I told him I’d trade him a bottle of Yamalube oil for his boat if he could teach me how he learned to catch so many fish. He gave up his secret pretty quick after that!

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WaveRunner Safety

R&B star Usher has learned all too well the dangers of improper personal watercraft use. The singer’s stepson is now brain dead due to an unfortunate accident. Unfortunately, the 11-year-old is far from the only person to have been killed while using a personal watercraft. The U.S. Coast Guard reports that 16 people have been killed this year and 44 people were killed last year in personal watercraft related accidents.

Americans own approximately 1.3 million personal watercrafts, the best known being the Kawasaki Jet Ski and the Yamaha Motor Company’s WaveRunner.  I personally own a WaveRunner and I believe that they are far safer because you sit on them as opposed to the Jet Skis that you have to stand on. Either way, proper maintenance, like replacing Yamalube 2W oil, obeying the rules of the road, and always wearing a life vest when on a PWC is imperative.

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Synthetic Oils and Sports Cars

For the best protection, many high-end sports cars come filled with synthetic oil. “For most applications, stick with the manufacturer’s recommended oil. But if you want to better protect your engine over the long term, especially against extreme abuse like towing or constant stop-and-go-traffic, synthetic might be for you,” said Ron Sullivan, Penzoil’s technology manager, to “Popular Mechanics.”

What Sullivan said rings true for outboard motors, as well. Synthetic oils flow regardless of temperature, which helps with cranking in cold temperatures and flow in exceedingly hot temperatures. Synthetics might be right for you, but first start with what your manufacturer recommends, which is frequently Yamalube 2M.

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Synthetic Oil Myth Busted

It is surprising the number of boat owners who don’t understand what goes into synthetic oil. Do a quick poll of your boating buddies and I’ll bet that they think synthetic oil never came from nature. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Synthetic oil derives from natural oil. The natural oil is simply refined to a higher degree and improved upon with complex additives for both everyday use and use in extreme conditions. If you’re still in doubt; don’t worry because you can stick with Yamalube 2-M.

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Why Use Ringfree Plus?

Over time, carbon deposits can build up in your outboard motor, leading to serious performance issues. Though some build up is to be expected, you can avoid performance issues by using Yamalube Ringfree Plus. The additive has proven effective at cleaning combustion deposits, particularly around the piston-ring area.

Not only does the piston-ring area benefit from a good cleaning, so do the carburetors and fuel injection systems. Yamalube Ringfree Plus additionally protects against sulfur compounds found in ethanol blended fuels. Be sure to stock up on this impressive boat engine oil.

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Outboard Motors

Owning a boat can be quite costly. Maintenance supplies and licenses can be a bit much for someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time on the water. If, on the other hand, you’re essentially a fish without gills, then you should invest in the best boat maintenance supplies available.

Best is not automatically synonymous with most expensive. For example, I keep my Yamaha outboard motor well lubricated with Yamalube 2-M oil. It’s not the most expensive stuff on the market, but it is the most effective. Trust me; I’ve tried all the oil brands and I only trust Yamalube to keep my outboard humming along.

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Trusty Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

After slogging through a dreary winter, I cannot wait for spring to arrive so I can get out on the water. Over the years I’ve acquired a number of toys: speed boats, WaveRunners, wake boarding accessories and more. When it comes to keeping my toys in good working order, I turn to Yamaha products.

Yamalube oil has served me well over the years. I use it in conjunction with my personal watercrafts and it has never given me anything other than smooth sailing, so to speak. Once I tried a cheaper brand, but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I immediately drained the cheap stuff out and went back to Yamalube.

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Reducing Outboard Smoke

For a long time I swore by using mineral oil in my outboard motor. Year after year I experienced zero issues with the particular brand of motor oil I used. I’m not sure if the brand changed their formula or if my engine simply succumbed to its age, but the outboard started smoking far more than usual.

To reduce the outboard smoke, a mechanic friend of mine suggested I use synthetic oil outboard motor instead. I was reluctant but eventually did make the switch. Much to my surprise, the synthetic oil did the trick! From that point on I didn’t have any further issues with a smoking outboard.

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Top Trout Fishing Towns: West Yellowstone, Montana

This week I’d like to focus on where to catch the most delicious trout. Number one on my list is West Yellowstone, Montana. The town is a unique hodge-podge of locals and thousands of tourists who come to see the famed Yellowstone National Park. As far as fishing goes, Firehole River, Gibbon River, and Slough Creek are simply incredible.

Though I can’t vouch for it firsthand, I’ve heard great things about Gallatin. (A fun piece of trivia: the film ‘A River Runs Through It’ was filmed in Gallatin). A half hour away is the spectacular Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. I’m licking my chops just thinking about the great trout that is caught there. Hopefully I can get there this summer with my boat and some Yamalube oil, and catch a few trout for myself.


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