Bulk Motor Oil for Someone Who Doesn’t Like Shopping

55 gallon drumI’m not really a big spender and I loathe shopping. I spend money on the things that I want and those things are few and far between. Apart from cost of living, food, bar tabs, and vehicle maintenance, there’s not a whole lot that I need. I’m not the type who buys a bunch of clothes all the time or who constantly needs the newest technological gadgets that are on the market.

This has allowed me to use my money better. For instance, whenever I get a bonus at work, I usually load up on essential things that I need. I’ll buy items for my car or boat, for example. Whenever I’m purchasing supplies for my boat, I make sure to stock up on bulk motor oil. This way, I don’t constantly have to go shopping to get new items.

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Making Tough Decisions about Laptops and Boat Motor Oil

P1110830loIt took me forever to pick out my new laptop because I’m always doing comparisons and quality checks and reading reviews. Whenever I make a big purchase, I look at every single aspect that could possibly influence my decision, and it often leads to me taking a longer time to pick something out than it would take most people. However, this usually leads to me using quality products.

I even do this sort of research with smaller purchases, though it doesn’t typically take me the same amount of time. For instance, after the painstaking research I did when it came to buying my own boat, I still had to do even more research and read more information when it came to picking the best possible boat motor oil to go along with it.

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Watching Dolphins From The Boat

Dolphin-WebThere’s an area near where I live where if you take your boat out far enough you can pretty much be guaranteed to see some dolphins swimming around and playing with each other. Dolphins are my favorite animal; it is so interesting how intelligent they are and how playful they can be. I always try to take the time to go out and watch them.

Usually, I’ll round up a few of my friends who love animals or dolphins or whatever and we’ll bring some snacks and some drinks. I fill up my boat with some two cycle oil and we head out to the open water in search of dolphins. You have to be very careful not to hit any dolphins with your boat!

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Yamaha And Yamalube 2M

optimax 115 speed_500x310Yamaha is a very interesting Japanese company that was formed in 1887; at the time, they exclusively built piano and reed organs. While they started out producing only musical instruments and accessories, they expanded into the manufacture of motorcycles after World War II. Gradually, they expanded into more and more industries, becoming a multibillion dollar company.

In this day and age, they are not only the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in the world, but they have also delved into other industries with great products. One of the things that Yamaha develops, through the Yamaha Motor Company subsidiary, is motor oil such as Yamalube 2M, which is excellent for boat maintenance.

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Found Some Discounted Evinrude XD50 Oil

DSC02427Having a friend that is a mechanic comes in handy. I go to him if I need any advice on all things automotive. I even talk to him about my outboard engine for my boat. If I hear any sort of funky sounds, I would tell him about it and he would immediately diagnose it and tell me what I need to do. I kind of wish that I learned the mechanics trade myself because it would save me a whole lot of money and headaches.

Another good thing about having a mechanic friend is that he knows where to get good deals on certain things. He told me about another mechanic who sells some Evinrude XD50 oil out of a drum for a discounted price. All I would need to do was bring in my own container for the oil and pay the mechanic. It was way cheaper than if I would buy my own bottle from a store. I’m glad that I was able to save a few bucks.

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The Pelican

percy-the-pelican-kirsten-givingI was doing some maintenance on my boat the other day when I came upon a curious pelican.  I usually see these things floating around in the water, looking for fish to snatch up, but I’ve never had one come onto my boat.  Maybe it smelled some fish I caught earlier in the day or maybe it was just curious about the floating machines we use to navigate through the water.

I know pelicans aren’t usually aggressive unless they feel like they’re being attacked but I saw that this particular pelican was looking to start some trouble.  It began rummaging through my deck; knocking over buckets and sifting through some bags I had laid out.  It got a hold of some outboard motor oil and spilled an entire gallon of it all over the deck.  I’m usually not violent towards animals but I had to do something before this pelican made even more of a mess.  I trapped it in a fishing net and threw it overboard.  At least next time I know not to leave stuff out on my deck.

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Living In The Past

2874522609_20beb189a4_zI like to debate with my friend about proper boat maintenance techniques and practices.  My friend was brought up to appreciate the virtues of doing things the old way because they are proven and true.  His father was a military man and also a creature of habit.  He would do things one way and if that one way worked, he stuck with it.  That lesson was instilled in my friend and to this day, he refuses to change.

Last Christmas I got him a gallon of Evinrude outboard oil for his outboard engine and he still refuses to use it to this day.  I explained to him about fully synthetic oil and how it differs from conventional oil and he still wouldn’t budge.  He’s funny that way.  All the clocks in his house are still analog clocks because he finds electronic clocks unreliable.  I call him an old man even though he’s still in his thirties.  I tell him to embrace the future every day but he can’t let go of the past.  Next year I should get him something he desperately needs: a HD television and see if he would use it.

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Cutting Costs

budget-axe-300x177Owning a boat is very rewarding but it’s also very expensive.  Maintenance, dock fees, and insurance are enough to turn a lot of people away from boat ownership.  The feeling I get of being able to go out onto the water whenever I want is enough to counteract the stress and financial strain of owning my own boat.  I’ve been around boats ever since I was a child and there’s nothing I love more than feeling the wind in my hair and the sea spray in my face when I’m out on the water.

I try to take advantage of any sales on boating products and accessories that come my way.  Every little bit helps.  I like to buy used parts from other owners or scrap yards and do all of the work myself.  I also like to buy bulk Mercury Optimax oil because it’s cheaper than just buying it individually.  My boat was given to me by my father and he took very good care of it.  I just do my best to maintain it as well as he did.  He taught me everything I know about boats and I hope to be able to teach my son too someday.

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Keeping Customers Pleased

customer-serviceI work for a boating store and whenever summer rolls around is the time that I start having to order products for my store like none other. The summertime is when people want to start getting out there, and a lot of my customers don’t plan too far ahead. Luckily, for them I’m able to plan ahead so that they don’t need to.

By ordering a large amount of bulk outboard motor oil for my store in the springtime, I can ensure that I’ll have everything that I need for my store once summer hits and we start getting a massive influx of customers. Every summer, this is what I make sure to do, and I’ve never run into a situation where I don’t have what my customers need! This in itself ensures they’ll be coming back every summer.

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Can Never Get Enough Oil

user65932_pic155259_1160865991Sometimes finding motor oil at the beginning of the boating season can be a bit difficult because the stores often end up picked through by everyone excited to go out boating and trying to get their boat prepared the way that it needs to be. One way is to just go online and get it, but even if you’re doing that, more is always better than less.

A good way to make sure you’re not hurting for it is to pick up bulk motor oil in the winter. That way, when the rush comes in after winter is over and boating season is about to commence, you’ll already be a step ahead of everybody else and won’t have anything to worry about, which I’m certain will be a load off of your shoulders if you’re as big a boating fan as I am.

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Be Prepared

I like to think of myself as a pretty prepared person in all aspects of my life. I tend to carry around a utility satchel that’s always full of things that I might need in any particular situation. I think it’s something I learned from when I was a Boy Scout; the ‘Be Prepared’ mantra.

I always make sure to have a decent amount of 2 stroke oil as back-up in my garage. Having back-up oil makes on-the-fly maintenance a lot easier and with the amount of usage my boat gets, on-the-fly maintenance is something that I often find myself having to do. It’s not a big deal; I get a lot out of my boat, so it’s not surprising that I need to put work into it as well.

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Winter Fishing for Bass

We had our last fishing trip of the year just recently. We caught a decent amount of bass, which was great because we all actually enjoy eating bass. A lot of people are fans of trout and salmon, but they tend to forget that bass is a perfectly edible fish that I think can be quite tasty if it’s prepared correctly.

I stopped off and got some Yamalube oil on our way home because I figured it’d be a good time to do some maintenance on my boat since we were about to hit wintertime and there’s not a whole lot of boating to be done in the winter. It was pretty chilly even here on our last trip, but once winter really kicks off, it’ll be unbearable, unless you’re out to do some ice fishing.

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