Yamalube 2M For Mother’s Day

9632409-a-dirt-bike-rider-gets-air-during-a-stuntA lot of people learned to fish and do outdoorsy things from their fathers; my dad wasn’t around much when I was a kid, but my mom was just as outdoorsy and well-versed as any of my friends’ dads growing up. She’s the one who taught me how to fish and how to hunt and pretty much everything I ever needed to know about enjoying the great outdoors.

Although I’m grown now, my mom and I still go on camping trips together where we’ll go fishing and hunting. Sometimes we’ll even take my mom’s boat out and go out somewhere on a nice day for a fishing trip. Whenever Mother’s Day or her birthday comes around, I always know to get her something boat-related, like a bottle of Yamalube 2M.

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