How to Operate a Boat: Starting the Motor

The first thing you’ll need to know when operating a boat is how to get the machine started. Begin by making sure that the shift lever is in neutral, which will be straight up on most models. Pull the choke if the engine is cold; if the engine is warm, only use the choke if it doesn’t start up after a couple of tires. Turn the throttle until it’s in the “start” position.

The engine will have a pulley like a lawnmower; pull this rope gently until there is resistance, then pull quickly. This process often will need to be repeated numerous times. After the engine starts, push the choke in slowly if necessary. Turn the throttle back to the “run” position. If the engine doesn’t start up after a few tries, check to see if there is enough gas and Evinrude XD100 oil in the tank.

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