Yamalube 2W Oil is for Personal Watercraft, Not Outboard Motors

domo online blog 3 3-3-14With all of the numbers and letters on different types of oil, it is no wonder people become confused. There are so many different types of oil and that is before you start looking at specific formulas and brand names. In a single marina shop, there could be several shelves filled with different types of oil that could potentially be needed at the pier.

You really need to make sure that you research your motor and different types of oil, before you decide to put something in your boat. For example, Yamalube 2W oil is a great oil to use in most personal watercraft, like Sea-doos and Jet Skis. However this does not mean that it should be used in an outboard motor. Make sure you check your user manual for oils that are right for your motor.

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