Checking Yamaha Outboard Oil Levels

All owners of Yamaha outboards should learn how to check oil. Depending on the tachometer your engine uses, the oil level indicator could be digital or analog. Look to see if all three blocks (digital) or all three lights (analog) are glowing green. This indicates that there is plenty of oil in the main and reserve tanks.

If you see a yellow light, then you need to add more Yamaha outboard oil. On yellow, your engine oil tank may be full, but chances are your reserve is empty. You don’t ever want your tachometer to flash red; that indicates a fill-up is needed immediately. To ward off accidents, make sure to bring extra oil on long excursions.

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Changing WaveRunner Engine Oil

There’s no need to hire an expert to change the oil on your WaveRunner. With an oil extractor, user manual, cloth rag, and replacement oil, you can do the job yourself. Start by using the manual to locate the WaveRunner’s filter and then use the oil extractor to pump out the oil, which should come to about 2.4 quarts.

Next, set out a cloth rag under the oil filter and remove the old filter. Lube the new filter and then place it back in the WaveRunner. Then add the new WaveRunner oil, paying careful attention not to add too much as that can blow out the engine. Finally, test the WaveRunner for about a minute and then check the dip-stick.

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Spotlight On: FLW Outdoors

Irwin L. Jacobs, owner of Genmar, aka the largest manufacturer of recreational boats, created FLW Outdoors. The organization puts together a series of sport fishing tournaments. Of its sanctioned tournaments, the most well-known series is the Wal-Mart FLW Tour for bass fishing.

Beyond bass fishing, FLW Outdoors now has tours for walleye, kingfish, redfish, and striped bass fishing. Many of the top anglers make their living through winning prize money, adding an extra layer of competitiveness and entertainment to the tournament. A variety of outboard motors are used by professional anglers on the tours, but Evinrude XD1 oil is a go-to for keeping things running smoothly.

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Spotlight On: Forrest L. Wood

The design of the modern bass boat is largely attributed to one man, Forrest L. Wood. While maintaining a construction business and cattle farm, Wood began his fishing career as a guide on lakes and rivers in his home state of Arkansas. In 1968 Wood began building his own lake boats.

By 1970 Ranger Boats sold 1,200 units. In 1971, Wood qualified for the first Bassmaster Classic. A year later he inked a deal with the tournament making Ranger Boats the official boat of the Classic until 2000. Today, the Wal-Mart FLW Tour is named after him. Be sure to use Evinrude XD5 oil when you head out in your Ranger boat!

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Spotlight On: Bryan Thrift

Since 2004 angler Bryan Thrift has finished 75 fishing events. He has earned $839,706, according to FLW Outdoors, and has won five tournaments. He has had 24 top10 tournament finishes with his largest bass weighed to win the Big Bass award clocking in at six pounds, nine ounces.

Perhaps Thrift’s proudest fishing accomplishment is winning the 2010 FLW Tour Angler of the Year. His boat is a Ranger and his motor is from Yamaha. No doubt, he likely keeps his motor in tip top shape with Yamalube oil.

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Spotlight On: Robert Boyd

Robert Boyd has proven that he is one of the top anglers in the Southeast United States. Just this past February, Boyd caught 15 Guntersville Lake bass that totaled 66 pounds, 3 ounces which made him the winner of an EverStart Series Southeast Division fishing tournament. It was Boyd’s first win in the EverStart series and he earned $35,000 and a new bass boat for his efforts.

The prize bass boat was a 198VX Ranger boat with a 200-horsepower Evinrude or mercury outboard motor. Evinrude engines tend to be a popular choice among pro anglers. Whether you’re a professional angler or a recreational fisherman, make sure to use high quality Evinrude XD 5 oil.

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Spotlight On: Davy Hite

Fishing enthusiasts are probably already familiar with the name Davy Hite. He is a well-established professional bass angler having four major titles to his name and being named a two-time BASS Angler of the Year. When Hite isn’t competing in tournaments, he spends his time with his wife and two sons in South Carolina on a small private lake stocked with bass.

Recently, Hite came in second at the Murray Bassmaster Elite Series. Although he fell one place short of his goal, Hite noted that his Evinrude E-Tec engine helped give him a competitive edge. “The durability and dependability and fuel mileage were really key this week,” he told one news outlet. To achieve your own bass fishing dreams, be sure to use an Evinrude E-Tec engine and Evinrude XD 1 oil.

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Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

Yamaha Motor Corporation is the maker of the Yamalube line of regular and synthetic two-stroke engine oils. Each type of oil is formulated for specific two-stroke engine applications. Currently Yamalube produces 2R, 2W, 2S, and 2M oil.

Typically, 2R is used for motocross engines while Yamalube 2W oil is used for and motorboats. Yamalube 2M is also useful for outboard motorboats. Snowmobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, scooters, and even golf carts utilize 2S oil.

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Suzuki LT500 Engine

Yamalube oil is used for more than just watercrafts. The Suzuki LT500 is a quad bike known as the Quadzilla. The high-performance racer was manufactured between 1987 and 1990 and came with a two-stroke, liquid cooled engine.

The Suzuki LT500 engine uses an oil premix. The manufacturer recommends Yamalube 2M oil or Yamalube 2R engine oil. Yamalube oil lubricates, cleans and prevents rusting in the combustion engine. If you’re a boater who also rides quad bikes, spare some of your Yamalube engine oil for your other outdoor exploits.

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Operation Kid Float

Memorial Day is a deadly holiday for drivers and boaters, particularly in Florida where people flock to the beaches to soak up the sun. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit patrolled the waters, pulling over boaters to make sure all safety gear was in order. To help keep kids safe, the Sheriff’s Office instituted “Operation Kid Float.”

Children without life jackets were given life jackets to borrow for the day, to be returned to a bucket drop off on shore. Additionally, kids who were found to be wearing their life jackets properly were rewarded with t-shirts. The t-shirts read “I got caught wearing my life jacket by a Pinellas County Deputy Sherriff.” What a positive approach to boat safety! To do your part, inspect your boat thoroughly to make sure you’re in compliance with all safety regulations, and be sure to stock up on Evinrude XD50 oil.

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