Pre-Ride Snowmobile Checks


Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have been disappointed with the snow this season—to put it lightly. Usually I take my snowmobiles out several times a week, but for most of the season it hasn’t even been worth my time. This weekend I’m heading out to my buddy’s cabin, and there is sure to be some prime powder. To that end, I am going to do some basic maintenance and checks on my snowmobiles, which have been largely neglected this season.

There are a few checks that I check before every ride, including the fuel and level of Yamalube oil. I also make sure to check the engine coolant and brake fluid, just to be sure that they aren’t running too low. Remember to always inspect the engine coolant when the machine is cold to get an accurate reading. Tomorrow I will go over some other basic maintenance points that should always be checked before heading out.

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