Adjusting an ATV Carburetor: Part One

CarburetorThe carburetor is one of the most vital components of any two-stroke engine, as it works to blend the air, fuel, and outboard motor oil so that they can be utilized in the stroke cycle. For many owners of two-stroke engines, however, carburetor maintenance and mechanical issues are a headache. The next few days we will go over the basics for making routine adjustments to the carburetor.

Always start by adjusting the idle, which controls the RPMs that the engine runs at. Set the idle speed to the proper RPM level by adjusting the idle screw. Next, turn the idle mixture screw so that the engine runs smoothly, with the optimal speed and response. Once this is done, make any final adjustments to the idle screw that may be needed. Tomorrow we will continue reviewing carburetor adjustments.

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