Utilizing a Manual Oil Pump


Now and then it’s necessary to suck the oil out of your engine. When draining the oil through a conventional drain port, sometimes excess oil is left in the tank. When you need to drain all the oil it’s best to use an oil pump, but amongst oil pumps, there are a few different types. You have your standard electric pumps, your manual pumps, and your fluid extractor kits.

With an electric pump, some need to be plugged in while others run off batteries or a charge, because of this, pumps can sometimes be inconvenient. Manual pumps tend to do the most thorough job extracting oil, but also require the attention of the owner and more effort. Fluid extractor kits are like manual pumps but streamlined for easier use, and though they cost a bit more, these tend to be the best deal. Chances are if you’re removing the oil you’ll also want to have a supply of Yamaha oil (or your preferred brand) on hand for replacement.

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