Interesting Facts about Oil Composition

Interesting Facts about Oil CompositionMost of us can name a handful of machines, devices, and engines that use oil, but what’s less well known is oil’s chemical makeup. Crude oil contains about 85% carbon, making carbon the most dominant element. This is also why gasoline, which is refined from crude oil, emits significant amounts of carbon when burned. The other chemicals in crude oil include about 12% hydrogen, and trace amounts of nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and metals like iron, nickel, and copper.

There are dozens of different products that are made from crude oil including paraffin wax candles, plastics, and asphalt. In addition, all kinds of fuels are refined from crude oil, including gasoline, kerosene, and jet fuel. Crude oil refined through a different process is also used to lubricate engines; standard motor oil, boat motor oil, and two stroke oil is made from crude.

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