How to Maintain an Outboard Motor

How to Maintain an Outboard MotorJust as it is important to maintain your car’s engine for optimum performance, your boat requires a certain amount of care for consistent and smooth operation. Since an outboard motor hangs outside the hull of a boat, it requires special attention to prolong its life. Caution when transporting your boat to the destination of your planned outing is extremely important. The motor and boat trailer should be braced securely so that the motion of land travel does not cause permanent damage.

Each time a boat is returned from a salt water excursion, the outboard motor should be flushed out with fresh water to prevent the pump and lines from corrosion. Outboard motor oil and gas lines should be drained and disconnected before storing your boat for an extended period of time to keep the carburetor clean. The area around the propeller and gears of the motor should be checked for cleanliness and excess water accumulation. The pump inside the motor should also be checked to ensure the impellers do not look worn. If all of these steps are taken regularly, your outboard motor should provide its best possible performance.

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