Evinrude Announces Fall Deal on E-TECs


Yesterday we discussed the fuel efficiency standards that were introduced to the outboard motor industry. Prior to that landmark moment, 2-stroke motors were simple and reliable but caused too much pollution to be viable from an economic standpoint. As we alluded to previously, it took a coordinated effort from the Environmental Protection Agency along with motor manufacturers to create any leeway.

Evinrude stepped up in a big way with its E-TEC engine, which was specifically designed to compete with dominant 4-stroke engines of the time. The E-TEC had the advantage of fuel injectors that work to remove water and vapor from the internal parts. The engine was an instant hit, and Evinrude has been touting this flagship model, along with the boat motor oil it uses sparingly, ever since.

In recent days, Evinrude announced its “Best Deal on the Water” fall promotion, offering boaters a five-year, factory-backed warranty on new E-TECs with 40 or more horsepower. The deal lasts through December 22. According to a press release from Evinrude, the E-TEC is the only marine engine on the market with no dealer-scheduled maintenance for the first three years.

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