The Outboard Motor

Fifties Evinrude AdThe history of the outboard motor is as simple as its operation. A testament to ingenuity, the outboard motor was invented in 1907 by Ole Evinrude. A pattern maker by trade, Ole Evinrude finished his first outboard motor in 1907 And even to this day, outboard motors are basically the same: using Ole’s idea of a vertical crankshaft, horizontal flywheels, and set of bevel gears. Today Evinrude motors, with the help of some good outboard motor oil, will propel a boat a bit faster than the ’07 version (150 mph versus 5 mph).

Since its invention the outboard motor has come quite a ways in terms of technology, efficiency and performance. Throughout the years other engineers have expanded on Evinrude’s ideas and made the outboard motor one of the most remarkable inventions of the century. Ole Evinrude is a great example of the entrepeneurial spirit and the innovation that mark much of boating culture.

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