Environmentally Friendly Boating Tip 3

Topping off has long been a no-no at filling stations nationwide. By trying to get that last little bit of fuel into your vehicle you can end up creating dangerous spills as well as excess and unnecessary fumes and emissions. When you decide not to take the easy route and top off you save the environment and other motorists from unsafe conditions and exposure to fuel gasses ans fumes.

The same is true when it comes to our boats. When filling the engine we must take care not to top off since excess fuel may end up in our waterways. The last thing we want to do is exxpose marine life and marine environments to gasoline and oil. Learn the proper techniques for fueling your boat’s motor and prevent spillage, excess filling and overflow. Fuel slowly and responsibly to help prevent long term damage to the environment created by careless fueling practices. Using the proper 2 stroke oil will also help increase your fuel efficiency this season.

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