Environmentally Friendly Boating Tip 7

Last week’s recycling tip can also be extrapolated to include, and even emphasize, monofilament fishing line. You can help protect and preserve our valuable marine life by ensuring you, and non one else on your boat, disposes of monofilament fishing line into the water. This type of line is also something you don’t want to just send off to the landfills either. Make sure you make the effort and take the time to recycle your line.

You can also help do your part by researching The Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program (MRRP) to get educated about the impact improperly disposed monofilament fishing line has on our marine life and our environment as a whole. If you don’t know of a recycling station near you then check your local shop or look online.

Also, to maintain the proper functioning of your 2-cycle Evinrude engine try Evinrude XD100 oil to maximize efficiency and get the most boating for your buck.

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