Common Ailments of Outboard Motors

Common Ailments of Outboard Motors

While there are a number of serious problems that can be attributed to a malfunctioning outboard motor, here are some of the common problems for when the motor appears to be running rough:

~Burnt Spark Plugs – spark plugs need to be replaced about once a year, and are easy for an owner to replace without professional help.

~Malfunctioning Carburetor – this often happens in older outboard motors, but isn’t uncommon in newer motors either. It’s best to consult a professional if you think a busted carburetor is what ails the engine.

~Dilapidated Oil Filter – it’s a good idea to replace your oil filter at least once per year, should you not, it can cause oil to turn to sludge and eventually seize your engine.

~Incorrect Gas Mixture – older two cycle outboard motors often require premixed gasoline and oil, thus it’s important to ensure you have the proper ratio of two cycle outboard oil to gasoline for the best performance.

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