Top Five Fishing Cities: Miami

As an avid outdoorsman, it should come as a surprise to no one that I read Field & Stream – “The world’s leading outdoor website.” A few years back they ranked America’s top five best fishing cities. I’ve fished in a quite a few of the areas they recommend; here’s my take on their top five list.

Coming in at number five was Miami. I’ve fished their several times when visiting my brother and sister-in-law. You can easily catch snapper, mackerel, seatrout, and drum off the piers. Biscayne Bay offers plenty of tarpon while Tamianmi canal offers peacock bass. In Miami you can take your motorboat, topped off with Yamalube 2W oil, out for a relaxing day of fishing or simply cast a line from shore. In my opinion, the only drawback is the heat!

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