Mixing 2 Cycle Oil

Many boat owners, particularly new boat owners, have questions about how to properly mix 2 cycle oil with gasoline. It is important to get the right ratio of gasoline to oil as too much oil can cause a fire, but too little oil won’t provide adequate engine lubrication. Start by dispensing the gasoline you will be adding to the tank into an approved container. Note down the quantity in the container.

Next, determine the ounces of fuel in your tank by multiplying the number of gallons by 64. Take the number of ounces and divide by 50, as the ratio for gasoline to oil is 50:1. The final number of that equation will be the number of ounces of 2 cycle oil you will need to add to the gasoline. Add the oil into the gasoline container, mix, and then add to your boat’s fuel tank.

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  • Steve C.

    Shouldn’t the multiplier in this article be 128 (not 64), as that is the number of ounces in a gallon?