Lost without Yamaha Outboard Oil

domo online blog 5 12-16-13My uncle’s boat always seemed to break down at the most inconvenient times. We would be out on an island in the middle of the San Juan Islands and suddenly it would sputter and die. In a car, breaking down can be annoying, but it is usually easy to call a tow truck and get help. This is not the case with a boat. When a boat breaks down, it can be dangerous.

Most of the time, my uncle didn’t have to worry, because my Grandpa’s boat was able to tow him. My grandpa also kept boating essentials, such as Yamaha outboard oil, on his boat, so that my uncle would have these items if he needed them. My uncle didn’t like to take his boat out by himself, because he felt as if he would be lost without my grandpa’s help.

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