Don’t Treat Your Boat Like a Car!

Don't Treat Your Boat Like a Car!

Marine engines are quite different from automobile engines, and because of this, require special care. Marine engines and outboard motors are asked to perform like automobiles never could; for example, when a boat plows through the wake of another boat or a wave, the engine strains to keep its RPM output consistent. We would never do something similar to this to an automobile engine, because it would breakdown fast. It’s important to take care of your marine engine or outboard motor through changing the oil often, and ensuring that you are using the proper Yamaha oil with specific additives to reduce condensation in the fuel tank and clean the injectors.

It’s important that you avoid using automobile oil and that you treat your marine engine our outboard motor like it should be treated. Because we expect so much more out of our boat than we do our car, it deserves a lot more than just the standard 3000 mile oil change.

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