Routine Engine Upkeep

yamalube 2w oilWhether you are an avid boater or just occasionally go out for recreation, it is important to understand the basics of boat maintenance. While the task of performing repairs on your craft may seem daunting, most preventative measures and basic maintenance is easy for anyone with a set of tools. By taking a little time to inspect your boat after every outing, you can avoid having to dole out big bucks later.

Flushing the engine is a good idea after every boat trip, whether it’s in fresh or salt water. If the water is hot during this process, it is usually an indication that you have some debris in your system. When this happens, simply insert a piece of wire into the flow tube and dislodge the clog.

It is important to make sure that all of the moving components of your engine are well-lubed at all times. On a regular basis you should check for cracks and excessive wear on the engine. Of course, you always want to have a good level of quality oil; I use Yamalube 2w oil in my boat.

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