Outboard Motor Maintenance: Part Two

Yesterday we touched on the importance of flushing your outboard motor after each outing, and today we will overview the process. Begin by placing your “rabbit ears”—two rubber seals with a metal clamp—on the lower unit and attaching a standard garden hose. Turn on the engine and allow the water to pump through the system for 10-15 minutes. While the engine is being flushed, we can take care of some other maintenance.

Check the water pump to ensure an adequate flow of water; the water coming out of the system should be warm, not hot. If the flow is weak, insert a wire into the flow tube to loosen any debris. Once the engine is flushed, disconnect the fuel line to burn all of the excess gasoline and Evinrude XD100 in the carburetor. Tomorrow we continue discussing outboard motor fuel maintenance procedures.

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