Trying to Find WaveRunner Oil

WaveRunner oilAfter a few years of going to our lake house every summer that we all shared payments on, I talked to my sisters about getting a WaveRunner. It never seemed like a worthy investment of our money but now that we were hanging out on a lake every year and we had already paid off the other expenses of the house, it seemed like a good time to buy one.
We decided to get two and all chip in equally. Between four of us, it was really affordable. To break in the new water vehicles, we all took a week vacation with each other (first time since we bought the house!). Using the vehicles was pretty easy but we felt pretty dumb when we didn’t know where to get WaveRunner oil and had to call my husband (it was the store two blocks away; go figure).  Now we buy it online and have it shipped to the lake house.  It’s much easier that way!

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