Waverunner Oil in the Summer

waveboatI’ve always been a big fan of interesting personal vehicles. I love to go off-roading in my ATV and I also very much enjoy snowmobiles when it’s wintertime. Recently, I decided that I would try out the water-based equivalent to these kinds of vehicles and I picked up my very first Waverunner, which I’ve truly been having a blast with this summer.

I loaded up on Waverunner oil and I started doing research to figure out the best places that I would be able to take my Waverunner in the area. I’ve found a lot of really cool lakes that I wasn’t fully aware of beforehand that are perfect for taking out the Waverunner and having a great time. I only wish that summer could last a little bit longer.

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Going Fast on a Waverunner with Yamalube 2W

300174_10151384572748123_1879943396_nIf you’ve never been on a Waverunner before, you’re missing out enormously. The best way that I can describe it is that it’s like the motorcycle of the sea. If you’re interested in high speeds on a personal vehicle in the water, there’s absolutely no reason to not check out a Waverunner. After I rode a friend’s for the first time, I knew I was in love with it and needed my own personal watercraft.

For my Waverunner, it was recommended to me that I use Yamalube 2W for the oil. I’ve used that the entire time I’ve had it and I’ve gotten nothing but great performance out of it. Anyone who loves the thrill of going fast and maneuvering in interesting ways out on a lake has got to try out a Waverunner: I give it my absolute highest recommendation.

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Doing It Myself

imagesI recently bought a used Yamaha Waverunner online from a reputable dealer.  Things were going well until I had to change the oil.  I always like to take care of my own things and do any kind of repairs or maintenance myself so of course I would change my own oil.  It can’t be that hard.  I’ve been changing my car’s oil myself since I was old enough to drive.  My dad taught me how to do it and he also taught me to do things myself if I am able to.

I don’t know which specific kind of oil or oils to buy for my Waverunner so I did some research online about which oil is best.  There is no specific Waverunner oil that is sold but Yamaha suggests using its brand of oil on the engine.  Of course they would say that because I would imagine that they want people to buy more of their product.  The engine itself is versatile enough to take in most oils but just to make sure, I’m going to stick with the Yamaha brand.  I was reading through online forums and most people suggested that the Yamaha brand would be the safer choice.  I don’t want any future engine problems caused by mixing different oils together.

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From Canada to California

When I lived in Canada, I was always a big fan of going out on my snowmobile. Then, a few years ago, I moved out to California for work. There were a lot of things that I had to adjust to in moving countries, but even more than the differences between the United States and Canada were simpler things such as suddenly dealing with warm weather all of the time, which I was far from used to.

When winter came around, I would drive around on my snowmobile and pick up snowmobile oil. These days, I instead use a Waverunner and pick up Waverunner oil, and I can even do that in the winter! I enjoy living in California a lot and sometimes it’s strange how many parallels there really are – like the snowmobile and Waverunner parallel – but sometimes I do miss things back home.

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Life Imitates Video Games

When I was younger, one of my favorite video games was Wave Race 64. It was a Nintendo 64 game where you would race around on jet skis that looked a lot like Waverunners. My friends and I played it so often that we would only even attempt to play it on Expert difficulty, considering we were all so good.

Now that I’m grown up and the Nintendo 64 is long behind me, I recently wound up purchasing a Waverunner so that I can learn to do the things I liked in the video game in real life. While I might not be going off extravagant jumps or anything like in the video game, it’s still an exhilarating experience. Now, I just stock up on Waverunner oil and I hit the water!

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Mildew Remover

Last weekend I gave my friend Roy a hand in getting his WaveRunner ready for the summer season. To my dismay, when we went to pull his WaveRunner out of the shed, we found the cover was full of mildew. This means that the WaveRunner was not stored properly out of a dark damp area.

Roy looked aghast when he saw the amount of mildew. I told him not to worry, that I had a surefire remedy to fix it up. I mixed up a white vinegar and water and sprayed it onto the worst areas. I let the mixture set for a bit and then wiped it and the mildew off with a damp rag. Once we’d cleaned up the cover we were able to start getting the WaveRunner ready, starting by adding WaveRunner oil.

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