When to Use 2 Stroke Oil

350px-TwostrokeinjectionBefore understanding when it is appropriate to use two stroke oil, you will have to know what the oil is made of. The oil-base stock is typically petroleum, vegetable, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil. This is added to petrol or gasoline at a fuel to oil ratio from 16:1 to as low as 100:1. For lower emissions, the new two strokes use synthetic oil.

The most common time to use 2 stroke oil is in a crankcase compression two-stroke engine. These engines are different than their four-cycle counterparts and need different oil as a result. A two stroke engine is lighter weight and does not have a closed crankcase. Instead, the crankcase is used as part of the induction tract, meaning gasoline must be mixed in with the oil at some point during the process.

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Stocking Up on 2 Stroke Oil

DSCF1584When I buy motor oil for my boat, I tend to buy a lot of it all at once before I worry about getting any more of it. Usually, if you purchase enough, it’s something that you don’t have to have on your mind very frequently at all. And when you go out on your boat as often as I do, that’s really a significant weight off your shoulders to not have to think about that.

I was running low on oil not too long ago, so I had to figure out exactly what amount of oil I would need that would be cost-effective and efficient for me and my busy schedule. I knew that with the right amount of 2 stroke oil on hand, I wouldn’t have to worry about going out and finding more of it for quite some time, so I made sure to purchase a decent amount.

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2 Cycle Oil for Dad’s Maintenance

76MontesaCota247My dad was bed-ridden during a particularly nasty battle with the stomach flu, so I was going over to his house every day for a few days to help him out with errands while he was feeling ill. I knew that he had been planning a big boating trip soon and had intended to prepare for it, but was too focused on staying in bed and recovering from being so sick.

While he was out of commission, I did some maintenance on his boat that he had planned on doing. For that, I had to go out and pick up some 2 cycle oil so that I could use it on his boat. I also picked up some groceries for him and got him the medication that he would need to feel better and get over the stomach flu faster.

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Brand Loyalty to Yamalube Products

YamalubeI have a tendency to stick to a singular brand when it comes to pretty much anything. I always have bought the same brand of car, the same brand of boat, and the same brands of tires and oil products too. If I start having issues with the brand I use, I’ll start trying out other brands, but usually if I do my research right, this isn’t something I have to worry about.

I’ve always trusted Yamalube products when it comes to ensuring that my boat is working in the best condition. Whenever I take my boat in to get an oil change or any work done, I always make sure to bring in my own oil and it’s always Yamalube. I figure that if everything has been running smoothly so far, then I must be doing something right with my boat.

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Yamaha 2S Oil for the Next Family Vacation

2008-Yamaha-PW80aEvery year since my kids have been old enough to walk, my wife and I have taken the family on a vacation in the summer. We’ve been to theme parks before like Disneyworld and Six Flags and sometimes we go to places where we can go hiking and camping. This year, I want to stick a little bit closer to home, because I want to bring my new boat along with us.

What my wife and I are planning is a trip over to the other side of the state, where there are more lakes and interesting places to camp out and spend time on the water. I’m stocking up on everything I’m going to need for my boat, including maintenance supplies like Yamaha 2M oil, because I want to be able to take my kids fishing for the first time.

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Changing Oil on a Two Stroke Motorcycle

Even normal activities can place a strain on motorcycle and dirt bike engines. To keep them running smoothly, the 2 stroke oil needs to be replaced every season. It is advisable to check oil levels before any long rides or competitions, as well.

To change the 2 stroke oil on motorbike or motorcycle, start by parking the bike on a flat surface. Take a drain pan and set it up under the engine block, unscrew the drain plug, and let the old oil drain away. Screw the drain plug back in and add new 2 stroke oil into the oil compartment via the oil check dipstick hole. When the compartment is full, screw the dipstick cover back in place, clean up, and get ready to ride!

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Yamalube Oil and Motorcycles

In addition to being an avid boater, I also love riding my Yamaha V-Star motorcycle. The V-Star is a typical cruiser style motorcycle that I take out several times a week. For this type of motorcycle, synthetic oil works well to reduce wear and tear and keep operating temperatures in check.

I have a lot of faith in the Yamaha brand which is why I purchase Yamalube oil for my bike. It is competitive with other brands, but far cheaper. Plus, Yamalube oil has achieved the highest rating given by the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization.

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