Storing Bulk Outboard Motor Oil

xd30pts6There are a few guys that I’m friends with in my neighborhood that have gotten boats recently. I have the biggest garage on the block, so I’ve been offering my services to store boat-related things in my garage, so that my neighbors and friends can have a little more room in their own garages.

What we did was we pooled our money together and bought a decent amount of bulk outboard motor oil, which is largely being stored in my garage. Each of them has a small amount at their own home, but because my garage is so big, there’s room for a lot of this extra stuff, and they can easily come over and grab up some motor oil whenever they need it.

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Bulk Motor Oil Keeps You Prepared

Image.ashxIf there’s any time where I know that I’m not going to be using my boat for a while, I like to make sure that I’m prepared for when I do decided to take it out again. For instance, sometimes the weather is going to be bad for a long period of time or I need to take my boat in for maintenance or something like that.

Regardless of the reason, being prepared relieves me of a lot of stress and makes it a lot easier for me to take my boat out again when I’m ready. This is why I always purchase bulk motor oil and keep a large amount of it properly stored in my garage so that I can get to work on the required maintenance of my boat as soon as I’m ready to take her out again.

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The Basics of Boating

I was at a boating goods store with a couple of buddies of mine. We all have our own boats and we’re pretty experienced boaters if I do say so myself and one of my friends just got his so we were telling him, as a newcomer to the world of boating, what kinds of things he was going to need as a boater.

While we were at the store, each of us kept finding things that we needed for our own boats (my friends and I being in a boating store is dangerous; it’s like my wife being in a shoe store). I remembered that my boat needed some maintenance done on it so I decided to get some Mercury oil.

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Long Weekend

I’m a business executive and my job can be very stressful, so whenever I get a chance to take some time off of work – especially if it’s paid time – I leap at the opportunity to fit some relaxation into my usual busy schedule. Whenever there’s a long weekend for some reason, such as for Thanksgiving or Labor Day, I always make sure to find something interesting to do.

On our most recent long weekend, I decided it would be a good time to go out on a boat trip. After I got off of work and started up the weekend, I made sure to pick up some Mercury engine oil on my way home. This way, I could quickly ensure that my boat was up to par when it came to its required maintenance.

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Being Over-Prepared

I went camping with some of my friends recently. It turned out nobody but me had remembered to bring any food on our camping trip. Luckily for all of my friends, I have a tendency to be over-prepared and I brought a ton of food along, enough for us to pretty much get by for the whole trip.

I’ve always been the kind of guy who over-prepares a little bit, for any given situation. For instance, when I bought my boat, I purchased a bunch of bulk outboard motor oil so that I’d be extra prepared at all times. My friends make fun of me for it, but sometimes my over-preparedness works out for the best!

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The Best of the Best

I’ve always been really paranoid about keeping all of my electronics in tip-top condition. I’m always using screen protectors on smartphones and constantly updating my computer. I do the same sort of thing with vehicles as well. I probably get maintenance done on my car about twice as much as anyone else I know.

It’s also important to me to use only the best maintenance materials as well. I bought a boat recently and I treat it just as well as I treat my other possessions. For example, I only use the best outboard motor oil for my boat; it’s very important so that its engine is always running smoothly.

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Learning About Licenses

One area I need to give more consideration before opening a charter fishing boat business is licenses. Preliminary searches online show that I’ll need to acquire a business license, multiple boating licenses, and multiple fishing licenses. That involves a lot of paperwork and fees. Plus, the rules, particularly on the state and county levels, can change every year.

That’s a lot of overhead right off the bat, which concerns me. Not to mention, I’d have to hire a small crew and pay them decent wages. Still, I think that this charter business could be something I could really excel in. To take my mind off these worries I like to shop for bargains on bulk motor oil that I could purchase for my future fleet.

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Mercury 115

Have you ever gotten your hands on a Mercury Optimax 135 or 150? If you have then you already have a good idea as to how the Mercury 115 handles, since it is virtually the same two-stroke engine as the aforementioned models. It is a big motor that weighs in at 442 lbs.

That weight translates into power and speed. The Mercury 115 beats all other 115 models in every speed test; although, it consumes far more fuel and is a heck of a lot noisier. For some recreational boaters, speed is the name of the gain, so make sure you’re maximizing the engine by using the Evinrude XD 50 oil.

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Missoula, Montana

Yes, number two on my list of best places for trout fishing is also in Montana. Would you expect anything less? Montana is Big Sky country, after all. Missoula is typically though of as a laid-back college town with a fishing addiction.

The bouldery Blackfoot and Bitteroot empty into the Clark Fork, which in turn has 300 miles of fishable water. I first discovered this waterway while following the Lewis and Clark trail on a summer vacation. I vowed to go back and fish there and the Missouri, that is also full of rainbow and brown trout. Neither location disappointed me, my boat and its 2 cycle oil.

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Entrepreneurial Teenagers

Who said all teenagers are lazy? Down at the marina this summer two young men from the area ran their own boat maintenance business. They did everything from cleaning to painting to minor engine work.

Though I prefer to maintain my own boat, I did give them a chance to earn some cash by changing by outboard motor oil. It turns out that they bought bulk outboard motor oil during the winter to help offset their costs during the summer months. By the time the summer was over the two young men had made a tidy profit.

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Practical Gift Giving

Have you ever opened a present and said, “Oh, no, you shouldn’t have!” and inside your head thought, “No, really, you shouldn’t have.” I’ve never understood why people give knick-knacks, tchokes, and other random items that will likely never be used. Those items may have been given with love, but they end up wasting space. I much prefer giving and receiving practical gifts.

For example, instead of giving each other subpar $10 gifts this season, by buddies and I decided to go in on bulk motor oil. We all enjoy fishing fall through summer, so this gift will definitely be used. I’ll take this kind of gift over another reindeer tie any day.

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Winterizing Small Boat Motor

I realize that it is only October, but the cool fall air and incessant holiday shopping commercials have already put winter on my mind. With colder temperatures brings the end of boating season. I know I’ll be spending the upcoming weekend winterizing my small outboard boat motor.

It doesn’t take too much to winterize a small boat motor – cleaning out the engine, adding fuel stabilizer and whatnot. It is such a simple task that it always amazes me when people fail to do it, knowing full well that an improperly cared for motor left to sit over the winter can lead to all sorts of problems. Hopefully this post has served as a reminder and all of you readers will go and winterize your boats in the coming weeks. While you’re at it, don’t forget to order bulk outboard motor oil for next season.

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