Fuel-saving tips when boating

outboard motorFuel prices are constantly fluctuating between high and really high these days, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best deal you can. Here are some fuel-saving tips when it comes to boating, according to Yamaha-motor.com:
• Perform basic maintenance, such as changing the spark plugs and outboard oil.
• Choose the most efficient propeller for your boat, and make sure there are no nicks or scratches in it. These flaws can cause a loss of grip and will reduce efficiency.
• Don’t carry extra weight if it’s unnecessary – it uses more fuel.
• Avoid wind and waves. Traveling over smooth water uses less fuel.
• Keep the boat clean. Anything stuck to the bottom of the boat increases friction.
• Switch to a four-stroke motor – they’re more fuel efficient than two-strokes.

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