Weather Effects on Outboard Performance

bad weather boatingEven the most resilient outboard engines can be affected by weather conditions, and if not prepared, these weather conditions can cause the outboard to fail. For example, with two stroke outboard engines, cold weather can cause the spark plugs to foul. This situation would be caused by an improper gasoline to oil mixture, or using an inferior brand of outboard oil. While it’s hard to go wrong with oil that is TC-W3 certified, not all oils are created equal. The additives in certain brands of outboard oil can protect the engine against cold weather conditions. It’s also possible for the engine to overheat if the right outboard oil isn’t being used. Engines that overheat can be a serious problem, and during the summer, it’s all too common. Ensure that the correct outboard oil is being used in the engine to avoid overheating and the potential for significant damage to the engine.

It’s also a good idea to stick with one brand of outboard oil, as opposed to switching between multiple brands depending on what is the cheapest. This will preserve the condition of the engine, and ensure that it has a longer life.

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