Same Quality with Bulk Outboard Motor Oil

B51F5DgCGkKGrHqFjEEyd8QJlnSBMvI7QT1gw_35Buying the right oil for any vehicle can be the difference between a long lasting investment and a never-ending nightmare. Due to this, many people stray away from buying in bulk. There seems to be a myth that bulk oil is of lower quality than that of bottled oil. However, this is only a myth.

Since the price is less expensive, many consumers leave feeling bulk outboard motor oil is much lower quality oil. This isn’t true at all. Buying oil in bulk provides you the same quality as the bottle versions. The only difference is the price. Just like buying a 36-pack of soda is less cost per can, the same is true when buying oil. Due to buying more at once, the price per unit goes down.

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