Trusting in Mercury Premium Plus Synthetic Oil to Power My Summer Fun

domo-online blog 3 11-24-14I live in dreary old Seattle for nine months out of the year. I deal with the traffic every day, the crowds, the bad attitudes from people too cold and wet to offer more than a grumble of hello in the morning. But for three months every year, I am free. During the summer, I am far away from the cloudy skies of Puget Sound, and happy for it!

I built a house in Stehekin, Washington, on the east side of the cascades where we see more sun and fire than we do rain and clouds. My house borders one of the biggest lakes in the country, and you can bet that I’m on that water most days I’m on vacation. Because it’s such a big lake, keeping my boat in shape is extremely important for safety. That’s why I use Mercury premium plus synthetic oil to keep my boat healthy. It’s an oil I can trust all summer long.

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