Evinrude XD 100 Oil and My Outboard Motor Are the Perfect Fishing Pair

domo online blog 2 7-21-14During just about any fishing season during the year, my father and I will go out on at least one fishing trip. Even when the season is for something that we aren’t really used to fishing for, we will go out and try our luck armed with tips that we have found on the internet. Usually, these trips are more about being out on the water in a boat than they are about catching much of anything.

Before we go out on the water, my father always makes sure that my outboard motor is equipped with plenty of gasoline and Evinrude XD 100 oil. Once he is sure that I have been maintaining my boat responsibly, we head out on the water where we will drop our lines and wait for the fish to bite. Sometimes the fish never bite, but it is always nice to be out on the water.

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