I Can’t Run My Company Without Mercury Oil

bay toursThis summer, I started a business taking tourists out on the local bay so that they could visit some of the different islands and see everything that there was to see out there. This has been something that I have really enjoyed all summer as it allowed me to meet new people and to share my love of the local islands with people who were just visiting for a while.

Now that I have this company to run, I have been thinking about the potential of doing more tours next year. I would love to be able to run a few tours out a day. So I can make sure that my boat is prepared for all this wear and tear, I will have to make sure that I maintain it well. Constantly using Mercury oil and checking my engine regularly will be important.

With any luck, I’ll be able to get a lot more customers for next year since people who have taken my tours will be able to recommend them to others. It is going to be wonderful going out on the water and really getting to enjoy time spend out on the water with many new people.

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