Trying to Determine Whether to Use Evinrude XD 50 oil in my Motor

domo-online blog 2 12-14-15When I decided to purchase an Evinrude E-tec engine for my boat, I decided that buying one used would make it more likely for me to fit the new outboard into my budget. I was able to find many of these outboards on local sale sites. I eventually ended up purchasing one that I would be able to use on the back of my boat as I trolled around fishing.

I hadn’t owned this motor very long when I came to the realization that I didn’t know which oil the motor was set up to use. Since E-tech outboards can be set up to use two different types of oil, I needed to find out which one mine would use. Luckily, I was able to call the person I bought it from to confirm that it needed Evinrude XD 50 oil.

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I Have More Evinrude Outboard Oil than I Know What to Do With

domo-online blog 1 12-14-15I recently decided that I needed to find cost effective ways to make it so that I would be able to buy the things that my boat really needed on a regular basis. I was going through a rough patch and wanted to make sure that I would be able to have the money I needed for the boat. I started buying certain things for it in bulk to save money.

Buying bulk outboard oil seemed like a really good idea initially, since it saved me a whole lot of money on oil. Unfortunately, I got a bit carried away and probably bought a lot more Evinrude outboard oil than I really needed. Hopefully, I will be able to use this oil over the course of the year when I run my boat and take it out on trips.

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Evinrude Johnson 2 Stroke Outboard Oil Powers My Little Fishing Boat

domo-online blog 5 12-07-15When I started going out fishing, I initially just had a little row boat that I could row around the lake while I was looking for specific types of fish everywhere. Since rowing around the lake was taking me so long, I decided that it might be better to add a little outboard motor to my fishing boat. I would be able to move around the lake a lot better this way.

To keep the little motor running fabulously, I ended up taking some time to find out about how to care for it well. I read the owner’s manual for the motor and found that I would be fine if I kept it well supported with fuel and oil. I decided to use Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil to keep my motor running well.

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Bulk Outboard Motor Oil is the Perfect Purchase for Boat Clubs or Boat Shops

domo-online blog 4 12-07-15One common benefit hat a boating club or a boat repair shop might offer to their customers is free oil with each fix. This will allow people to leave knowing that they have the oil that they need to run their boat for a long while. They won’t have to worry at all about buying extra oil to add to the boat before they head for the water.

The best way to buy oil and make it significantly cheaper for yourself and for anyone that you sell it to is to buy in large amounts. As in the case of most types of things, bulk outboard motor oil costs a lot less than buying the individual bottles of oil one by one. It is great to be able to provide oil at low costs when you are a repair shop or a boat club.

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Bulk Mercury Optimax Oil Helps Me Get a Better Deal

domo-online blog 3 12-07-15When I bought my Mercury Optimax outboard, my main thought was the power of this engine and how much more efficient it would run. I was excited to have an outboard that would run more cleanly so that I wasn’t doing as much damage to the environment as I would be doing with a standard outboard. I failed to factor in the cost of the oil for it.

Since this is a specialized engine, I also needed there to be a specialized type of oil to help keep it running as efficiently and cleanly as it is meant to. This means using Optimax oil which can be very expensive. Luckily, I have been able to reduce the expense significantly by buying some bulk Mercury Optimax oil.

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Mercury Engine Oil is the Only Kind Made Specially for a Mercury Engine

domo-online blog 2 12-07-15When I looked at motors that could go on the back of my boat initially, I was able to find a great motor that was made by Mercury. I loved the motor since it was supposed to be one that was very powerful and also more efficient. It ran amazingly well and was a motor that I really felt proud of when I had it out on the water.

One of the slightly annoying things about it is that it is a motor that must be run on a very specific type of oil since it needs an oil that is specially formulated for it. I only run Mercury engine oil in the engine because I know this kind of oil is completely made for the outboard. I don’t have to worry about anything going wrong with this type of oil at least.

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Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil is The Only Type that I Use in My Brand New Outboard

domo-online blog 1 12-07-15When I was going to buy a new outboard motor for my boat, it was a really big deal. The first outboard that I had was the one that had come with the boat used so I had never picked it out or started running it from when it was new. After many years of using this motor, I decided that it was finally time for me to pick out a new one.

I spent a lot of time picking out the perfect outboard motor to use with my boat. I had to compare all of the different ones that were available so that I would be able to find exactly what I was looking for. I ended up buying a wonderful Yamaha motor that I care for by only running Yamalube 2 cycle oil in it each time I take it out.

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Finding the Right Kind of Yamalube Oil for My Brother’s Boat

domo-online blog 5 11-30-15When my brother decided that he would like to have a boat of my own, I imagined that this would be wonderful since we would be able to take both of our boats out with our families and hang out together in harbors. So far, most of what I have been doing is helping my brother work on the boat so that he doesn’t break it.

One of the problems that my brother is having is finding the right kind of oil for his boat. Since the motor didn’t come with an owner’s manual, we had to find one online so that we would be able to determine which type of Yamalube oil would be best for the boat. Luckily, we were able to find the information that we needed.

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Yamalube 2M Oil Has My Boat Zipping Around the Lake Like New

domo-online blog 4 11-30-15When I first bought a boat, I had to work hard on fixing it up since it had not been taken care of by its previous owners. I had to get the engine cleaned out so that it would even run at all. I took it to a shop where they were able to help make my engine look and run so much better than it ever did before I started to work on it.

Now that the engine is running well, I try to do what I can to make sure that it continues running well for a very long time. I am taking the time to actually use oil that is perfect for the motor rather than off brands that aren’t really made for this kind of a thing. I was able to find Yamalube 2M oil that helps my boat run like new.

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Yamaha 2W Oil Shouldn’t Be Used for Anything Other than Personal Watercrafts

domo-online blog 3 11-30-15When I am buying oil for my boat, I always have to be very careful to make sure that I am able to find the right kind of oil for my boat. I know that each type of oil has a very specific type of boat motor that it will work in. It is not possible to use one of these types of oil in a different kind of motor without catastrophic results.

When I first bought my boat, I wasn’t very good about knowing which oil was for what type of motor. I discovered that I couldn’t use the oil that I first bought for my boat in the motor since it was completely the wrong type. I had purchased some Yamaha 2W oil that was actually only meant to be used with personal watercrafts.

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Mercury 2 Cycle Oil Makes My Boat the Perfect Way to Travel

domo-online blog 2 11-30-15While some people spend lots of money on fancy vacations to other countries or cruises to exotic locations, I prefer to take my vacations much closer to home. I love going out on my boat, so most of my vacations involve taking out the boat and really just having a blast. I typically go out on the bay to enjoy some of the beautiful islands that are out there.

To make it so that I am able to travel in my boat often, I just have to save up money to afford the boat launch fees and the gas for the boat. Of course, I also have to make sure that my boat has plenty of Mercury 2 cycle oil so that it will run smoothly throughout the trip. My trips are stress free when I use this oil to keep my motor running.

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