Trying to Determine Whether to Use Evinrude XD 50 oil in my Motor

domo-online blog 2 12-14-15When I decided to purchase an Evinrude E-tec engine for my boat, I decided that buying one used would make it more likely for me to fit the new outboard into my budget. I was able to find many of these outboards on local sale sites. I eventually ended up purchasing one that I would be able to use on the back of my boat as I trolled around fishing.

I hadn’t owned this motor very long when I came to the realization that I didn’t know which oil the motor was set up to use. Since E-tech outboards can be set up to use two different types of oil, I needed to find out which one mine would use. Luckily, I was able to call the person I bought it from to confirm that it needed Evinrude XD 50 oil.

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