Why I Swear by Evinrude Oil

domo-online blog 1 11-10-14I tend to use quite a bit of motor oil on a daily basis. Living in one of the coldest and loneliest provinces in Canada, Yellow Knife is a place where you need to make sure your supplies are top quality and that they do their job well. You see, I can’t just pop over to a neighbor or run to Walmart to fetch more oil if I need it. That would require a weekend getaway and a full tank of gas.

I use my manufacturer specific oil to in my blowers and chainsaws, and Evinrude oil in my outboard. I am confident that using the correct oil will extend the overall life of my machinery.  It also runs quite well and I’ve never had a problem, no matter the temperature or the stress I put the motor under. When you depend on your products as strongly as I do, you make sure you buy right.

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