Getting Specific with Mercury 2 Cycle Oil

11882891I’m not someone who’s particularly well-versed when it comes to mechanics. My husband is an engineer who understands things like that much better than I do, whereas I focused on artsy things when I was in college. Thus, when my husband asks me to run an errand for him that’s related to something mechanical he has to do, I always make sure to get all of the facts.

Recently, my husband decided that he was going to do the maintenance on our boat himself. He had the free time to do the work but needed me to pick up some extra items for him. I made him write down everything specific on a list, so that I wouldn’t confuse the Mercury 2 cycle oil that he needed with something else by mistake.

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Remembering Proper Maintenance with Evinrude XD 50 Oil

IMG_1328-1 Occasionally, I can be a little bit scatter-brained and forget to do something important. This was majorly the case the last time that I went boating; I completely forgot to put sunscreen on and I wound up with one of the worst burns I’ve ever had in my entire life. Ever since I did that, I’ve made a vow to make lists before I do things like this to ensure that I don’t forget anything important.

For instance, I’m planning a boating trip in a few days and so I generated a list of all of the things I need to do before I can make that happen. Obviously, I’ve got to remember sunscreen for the day I go out on the boat. I also have to remember to get some Evinrude XD 50 oil so that I can perform the proper maintenance beforehand.

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Bulk Outboard Motor Oil for a Boat Mechanic

dsc_0398My father has worked as a boat mechanic for many decades and I’ve been working in his shop for more than a year now. I don’t have nearly the amount of expertise regarding boats as he does, but I’m definitely learning. I’m not sure yet if it’s what I want to do with the rest of my life, but I enjoy boating and I enjoy learning about how boats work, so it’s nice for the time being.

Generally, I do all of the administrative work for the shop, though I also delve into the actual mechanics of things a little bit, primarily as an assistant. One part of my duties is to order all of the things that my dad needs to properly do boat maintenance, such as bulk outboard motor oil. That’s something that I find myself ordering often, which is why we get it in bulk.

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Yamaha 2S Oil for the Next Family Vacation

2008-Yamaha-PW80aEvery year since my kids have been old enough to walk, my wife and I have taken the family on a vacation in the summer. We’ve been to theme parks before like Disneyworld and Six Flags and sometimes we go to places where we can go hiking and camping. This year, I want to stick a little bit closer to home, because I want to bring my new boat along with us.

What my wife and I are planning is a trip over to the other side of the state, where there are more lakes and interesting places to camp out and spend time on the water. I’m stocking up on everything I’m going to need for my boat, including maintenance supplies like Yamaha 2M oil, because I want to be able to take my kids fishing for the first time.

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Optimax Oil for an Indecisive Boater

lcgreenbowMy best friend has always been a bit on the indecisive side, especially when it comes to choosing things that he wants to purchase. He’s got a lot of buyer’s anxiety so whenever he decides to go shopping, he usually grabs me or one of our other friends to go along with him so that we can help guide him towards what he needs or reassure him that he’s making the right purchase.

His most recent stressful purchase was a boat; he brought all of his friends along to help him make that decision. We also helped him figure out the other basic items that he would need to go along with his boat for general maintenance. For instance, we chose Optimax oil because it was the perfect choice to go with his boat’s outboard motor.

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Using Brands like Mercury Engine Oil

mercury-outboard-propellersI’ve been burned before when using off-brand merchandise that’s not as well-known as the main brands. It took a few times for this to happen, but everything from food to oil seems to be better when you go for the name-brand merchandise. If you’ve ever had off-brand toaster pastries or microwave dinners, you’ll likely understand what I’m talking about.

This is especially important when it comes to products that could be used to ensure your safety, particularly in regards to vehicles that you use regularly. Obviously, whenever you’re doing work on a boat, you want to make certain that you will be safe when you’re on the water, so using brand names like Mercury engine oil or Yamalube is very important

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Doing One’s Own Maintenance with Evinrude XD 100 Oil

service department_376f4aEver since I was a child, I’ve always been very responsible. My mother can tell stories about how I would always go out of my way to take very good care of my toys and I always took extra measures to stay safe and never break anything. As an adult, I think that I still have that sort of responsible attitude, especially when it comes to the ‘toys’ that I have fun with now.

In this case, those ‘toys’ would be my car and my boat and I am well-known amongst my friends for meticulously taking care of both of them. I always do my own maintenance on them because I don’t trust that mechanics will care for them as much as I do, which is why I always keep a stock of the motor oil that I need, such as Evinrude XD 100 oil.

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Changing Your Boat Motor Oil

4d5d43_55893a3319e6911874a50252611a4b42.jpg_512Learning how to change the oil in my boat’s outboard motor has ultimately saved me so much time and money, because I don’t have to take it in to mechanics and spend a fortune having someone else do something so simple. Obviously, it’s quite a bit different from changing a car’s oil, but it’s still something that’s absolutely worth learning overall.

Generally, learning how to change the oil is something that is described in the manual that was purchased with the boat or with the outboard. The overall process tends to be draining the boat motor oil completely and then adding the oil from the drain hole. Once you’ve figured out to do these things, you’re pretty much able to change your boat’s oil!

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Fishing Line, Bait, and Ringfree Plus

P1191597I went to a fishing supply store recently because I had been planning a fishing trip for a while and I was need of some supplies. I had to pick up some of the essentials like fishing line and some extra bait, because I was running low on all of that stuff after the last big fishing trip that I went on with my buddies. I also was considering purchasing a new fishing rod.

I like to ensure that I’ve got all of the top of the line gear when I’m fishing, which is why I was thinking about getting a new rod, though I ultimately decided that the rods that I already had would do just fine. While I was there, I also picked up some fuel additives like Ringfree Plus for my boat; I only like to use the best products on my boat after all.

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Going for a Swim Thanks to Yamalube 2W Oil

2010-08-29_11.53.50I think that swimming is a great way to exercise. It works out more of your muscles than running would and personally, I find it to be a lot more fun than running even if it does tend to be quite a bit more exhausting overall. I don’t have a pool, but I live close to a lake that varies in depth, which is usually where I go for a swim when it’s nice outside.

I generally prefer to swim in areas that aren’t unsafe due to the depth, since I like to swim by myself. Usually, what I’ll do is take my boat out to an area of the lake where I know it isn’t too deep and then I’ll swim around it. Before I do so, I always make sure to use Yamalube 2W oil on my boat so that I don’t run into any issues when I take it out.

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