Secluded Fishing With Yamalube 2M Oil

Boys-FishingWhen I was a kid and I used to go fishing with my dad, we’d usually stand at a bridge near a creek where there were a bunch of other dads with their kids teaching them how to fish. It was fun, but it always felt like it was loud enough to scare off the fish and you’d wind up getting your hooks tied to other people’s lines so often that it became a real nuisance.

These days, when I go fishing – with my dad, with my friends, or by myself – I skip over the bridge by the creek and instead, I take my boat out somewhere that’s a little bit more secluded to really get away from it all. Of course, I make sure that my boat is well maintained before I take it out by myself, always filling it up with Yamalube 2M oil.

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