Pig War

Did you know that the U.S. once had a stand-off with Great Britain over a pig? That’s stretching the truth a little bit, but the only casualty of the Pig War was a pig. Essentially, there was a longstanding border dispute between the U.S. and British Canada regarding the San Juan Islands. Obviously each side sought control over the archipelago.

The U.S. favored the western border of the Haro Strait while the British favored the eastern Rosario Strait. The conflict was not resolved until a pig wandered over to the American side of the island and ate the potatoes of a farmer. The farmer retaliated and killed the pig. The British authorities tried to get involved and arrest the American, but the American settlers called in for back up. Eventually, an international arbiter was called in and ultimately sided with the U.S. Think about that next time you’re loading you boat up with amalie oil to go boating around the San Juan Islands!

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