Will boating survive the economy collapse?

bulk oilIn such an uncertain economy, the thought of buying or maintaining a boat – an expensive endeavor – may seem a little outlandish. Boat sales are down substantially as the price of materials and oil steadily rise. According to the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association, 2007 new boat sales totaled $14.4 billion, a five percent decrease from 2006. Boat manufacturers are struggling to find technologies that will decrease prices and draw in customers.

But despite the sagging economy and skyrocketing prices, sales of outboard motors have been holding on steadily. Due to advances in fuel efficiency and emissions reductions, particularly through an emphasis on four-stroke technologies, outboard motors have been carving their niche in the unsteady world of boat sales. Those looking to buy a new boat, or those who just want to keep theirs in good shape, should go the route of the outboard motor, and invest in a case of bulk oil before prices can get any higher. The economy may get worse before it gets better, but at least boat enthusiasts can find some hope.

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