Oil Prices Rise in Time for Memorial Day

Oil Prices Rise in Time for Memorial DayMemorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the summer traveling season and is usually the time when oil prices slightly rise. With less than two days until the weekend begins, bulk oil prices hit a record high of $132 a barrel. This shot up gas prices to $3.80 for the national average. The news comes in light of a report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration that claims gas and oil stocks had declined, as well as President Bush’s unsuccessful trip to the Middle East, requesting a higher production rate.

Analysts are now predicting a national average of $4 for gasoline within the next month and $140 a barrel come September.

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Yamalube Gets Coup within its own Corporation

YamalubeYamaha Marine Group announced earlier this month that it has put its marine care products under the trusted Yamalube brand.

Products affected include fuel additives, adhesives and lubricants, which will now bear the name Yamalube. With the change comes color-coded packaging designed to improve the customer’s ability to choose the correct product for the job at hand.

Yamaha is creating and launching an extensive campaign for dealers and customers as part of the rollout.

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New Records Continue to Haunt Pumps as the Start of the Vacation Season Creeps Closer

bulk oilThe price of bulk oil – yet again – continues to rise to new heights as it reaches near $128 a barrel, pushing the average to roughly $3.79 per gallon. The price of diesel fuel has also gone up to due to China’s demand to refuel their power plants in light of this week’s earthquake. This news comes as President Bush journeys to Saudi Arabia to push the production of oil in the Middle East. Analysts expect the national average for gas to reach $4 a gallon within the coming weeks, though some states are already paying that.

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Making Lemonade Out of Life’s Lemons

Making Lemonade Out of Life's LemonsLast year, Boating Industry reported that 2007 was the worst year for boat sales, with 2008 projected to decline further. While this report may seem a bit on the grim side, it may also be a good time to take advantage and buy a new boat or replace that engine and give your boat some new parts.

While some may consider this kicking the small business owner while they’re down, a surge in these kinds of purchases could very well help in reviving sagging boat sales. Whether you buy a boat, replace a steering wheel or buy large amounts of marine engine oil, every contribution will help and ensure that there is a viable boating community out there.

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Record High for Oil (Again)

Record High for Oil (Again)Today oil prices surged, yet again, to $127 a barrel. On the heels of this news are the concerns that oil prices will not go down as Memorial Day weekend (the unofficial first day of summer travel) looms closely. That said, outboard motor oil prices are also scheduled for a slight price increase. Do yourself a favor and start buying oil for the summer now. Don’t wait around or you’ll be apt to spend your summer on land.

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Oil Lobbyists to Appeal to American Public

Oil Lobbyists to Appeal to American PublicToday, the Washington Post reported that the American Petroleum Institute, the industry’s main oil lobby, is embarking on a multiyear, multimedia, multimillion-dollar campaign.

The intended audience is elected officials and the public, with an emphasis on the latter. The industry is trying to convince voters — who, in turn, will make the case to their members of Congress — that rising energy prices are not the producers’ fault and that government efforts to punish the industry, especially with higher taxes, would only make pricing problems worse.

The campaign has stirred outrage among consumer groups. They complain that the industry is using its outlandish profits to make even more money, and that its advertisements use statistics selectively.

The news comes on the heels of a brief record high of bulk oil prices coming in at $126 a barrel, before falling back down to $124.

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Buy Now and Save for the Summer

Buy Now and Save for the SummerOil prices continue to climb and even though we’re still in the last few weeks of the Spring season, you may want to consider buying your outboard motor oil now. As it stands, many retailers – especially online – are still able to carry top notch brands such as Yamalube and Evinrude and discounted prices. Don’t dawdle and get your oil before the Summer starts.

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Dems Unveil Bill that Targets OPEC and Oil Firms

bulk oilToday as bulk oil prices again reached a record high of $124 a barrel, Democratic leadership in Washington, D.C. unveiled the Consumers First Energy Act. The bill contains provisions that feature a 25% windfall profits tax on oil companies in the U.S., as well as giving the U.S. Attorney General authority to bring price collusion charges to OPEC.

GOP leaders also had a plan to open up oil production and drilling in Alaska.

While legislators work on a solution, analysts are now predicting barrel prices to reach $160 by fall.

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Gas Tax Holiday

Bulk oil Bulk oil prices are surging to $123 a barrel, up from $116 last week. Several factors – including a recent attack on a Nigerian oil producer and the fluctuating American dollar – have caused unsteady prices in the last year. Now politicians are calling for a gas tax holiday. Sens. Hilary Clinton (D – NY) and John McCain (R – AZ) are urging to cut federal gas tax between Memorial Day to Labor Day. Likeminded state politicians are also lobbying to have the state gas tax cut in the same time period, which is particularly important since it is an election year.

This surge comes after predictions that gas prices would begin to fall; a poll by CNN has Americans expecting fuel prices to reach up to $5 a gallon.

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Oil Prices Slide as Summer Looms Closer

Oil Prices Slide as Summer Looms CloserAs the Associated Press is reporting, bulk oil prices have slid today to $116 a barrel. The news comes as the spring season enters the home stretch and Americans prepare for the summer – a season that is most popular for vacationing and leisure activities such as fishing and boating.

The decrease in oil prices was due to the end of a refinery strike in Scotland, which adds to the falling demand of oil, though gas prices are still averaging at $3.67 throughout the U.S.

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Motor Oil Facts, Not Friction

High Performance Evinrude E-Tec Outboard Motor Using Evinrude XD 50

Evinrude XD 50 Continues to Lead the Industry in Cost-effective Innovation

NEW YORK, Feb 05, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — MS — There are meaningful differences in motor oils and choosing the right one can have a major impact on how well your car runs. Selecting the right oil is the quickest and cheapest way to improve your car’s performance and reliability.

Base oils

The two primary types of base oils used are mineral and synthetic. Mineral oils are by-products of refined crude oil. Refining helps reduce the impurities but leaves molecules of all shapes and sizes. Synthetic oils are manmade compounds where molecules are all the same size and shape; consequently, synthetic oil has less friction and performs significantly better than mineral oils.


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The Difference Is Genuine

Evinrude XD 50 Bulk OilEvinrude/Johnson XD50

ENHANCED FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE – WITHOUT A DROP OF STEROIDS. Evinrude/Johnson XD50™ is a synthetic blend oil that delivers dependable performance under heavy-use conditions. XD50 meets the specific demands of direct injection outboards and water-cooled 2-cycle outboard engines. XD50 – more reliable, less maintenance.

  • Reduces smoke for cleaner operation
  • Protects against wear with superior lubricity
  • Contains CarbX™ Combustion Cleaner

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