Fishing in the Sun

My dad wanted to get the family together this summer for a big boat blowout. All of us went out to the lake together to go fishing for steelhead. We had our tackle boxes full of bait, our lifejackets on tight, and we were ready to head out to enjoy the warm sun out on his new boat. It was going to be quite an adventure!

When we got out there, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for boating escapades. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so it was a mighty good thing we remembered to bring our sunscreen! Luckily for all of us, my dad had purchased Evinrude XD100 Oil for his Evinrude E-TEC motor and we didn’t waste any time getting out there to properly enjoy the day. It was a great day to make memories for the whole family.

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Malibu Vacation

Back in the U.S. celebrities like to frequent Malibu. That’s not much of a surprise. I’ve visited Malibu a couple of times and the surfing is amazing.

Fishing, on the other hand, is better further away from the crowds. In fact, it’s better if you go deep sea fishing. I’ve done that a few times with a buddy of mine. I repaid him with a bottle of premium Evinrude XD 100 oil.


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Evinrude E115

Think of the Evinrude E115 as a souped up 90. The short stroke motor likes to rev and makes a formidable growl for a motor that weighs in at only 349 lbs. It’s the little engine that could in terms of how fast it can accelerate, but when it comes to top speeds, it cannot compete on the same level as the big guys like the Mercury 115.

What it lacks in speed, the Evinrude E115 makes up for in clean-running. It uses a DFI system that atomizes fuel under pressure and injects it directly into each cylinder. This means there is no visible smoke and no plug fouling. Just make sure to keep it that clean with Evinrude XD100 oil.

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Yamaha F115

If the Honda BF115 we reviewed yesterday is out of your price range, then you may want to check out the Yamaha F115. It costs $1370 less than the Honda BF115, while having nearly identical stats. According to a test done by Popular Mechanics, the Yamaha F115 is a hairsbreadth slower on acceleration, one to two decibels noisier, and consumes the same amount of fuel.

The Yamaha differs from the Honda in that it weighs only 407 lbs. and is far more compact. The 1.74-liter four stroke engine has a computerized multiport fuel injection system and a separate throttle valve for each intake runner, thus differentiating itself from the 1.6-liter F100 it was modeled upon. Though Yamaha has its own line of oil, I still recommend that you check out Evinrude XD 100 oil.

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Adjusting the Choke on a MerCruiser

To increase the gas entering your MerCruiser cylinders, you’ll need to adjust the engine’s choke. The choke enriches the air and gas mixture that enters the cylinders, thus making starting a MerCruiser engine an easier task. Of course, before you begin, you should check to make sure that your boat has plenty of gas and Evinrude 2 cycle oil XD100.

First, tilt the motor so the drive system is submerged and then open the tank vent. Shift into neutral and set the choke lever between full and half full. Place the throttle in the start position and rip the manual cord (or press the start button on an electric starter). Adjust the choke back into the off position as the engine warms.

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L.A. Dunton

The L.A. Dunton is a schooner housed at the Mystic Seaport Museum. It is of historical significance because it is one of only two remaining fishing schooners built at the A.D. Story Shipyard. The schooner was designed and built as a purely sail-powered vessel – one of the last of its kind. Later on in its life it was outfitted with an engine.

In 1963 the Mystic Seaport Museum acquired the boat and began restoring it. The first project involved returning the rig and stern to their original configurations. By 1985 the Dunton was returned almost completely to an authentic appearance. I find such watercrafts from our nation’s past absolutely fascinating; though, I’m content to have a motorboat that runs on fuel and Evinrude XD 100 oil.

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Teaching the Kids

Yesterday I mentioned that my kids had been bugging me to get the boat ready for spring. It’s not quite time to do that yet, but it did start me thinking about giving them additional boat responsibilities. My kids all have their boating licenses and over the years I’ve taught them boat maintenance skills (a requirement of mine for using the boat).

Since they’re so eager to get out on the water, when the time comes, I’m going to make them responsible for getting the boat ready from start to finish. They can even be responsible for purchasing the Evinrude XD 100 oil. Of course I’ll give them advice if they ask, but I think it’s about time that they prove that they don’t need to depend on me so much when it comes to the boat.

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False Hope

This weekend we experienced beautiful sunshiny weather. My children started babbling on about spring coming early. I just laughed and told them not to start breaking out their shorts and t-shirts quite yet. Weather in March and early April is notoriously hard to predict; one minute there may be sunshine and the next snow.

The kids didn’t listen to me at all. They tried to convince me to start getting my boat ready by going to the store to pick up some Evinrude XD100 oil. I resisted, of course. Today it’s chilly and pouring rain. Tomorrow we’re likely to have snow. A normal parent would be inclined to tell their kids “I told you so”… which I promptly did.

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When to Fish Great Smoky Mountains National Park

When is the best time catch trout in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park? The answer varies depending on the skill level of the fisherman. Trout can be caught throughout the year as the rivers and streams do not freeze over. Anglers with less experience are more likely to find success in the spring.

Experienced fisherman looking for a challenge should test out the waters during the cooler fall and winter months. If anything, making a catch during the difficult months should be more rewarding. I haven’t tested out this location, but perhaps next year I’ll give it a go after I prep my boat with Evinrude 2 cycle oil XD100 and explore Lake Fontana.

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Response to FAQs

Every now and then I like to respond to some frequently asked question. A common question asked is: What oil should be used with a two-stroke engine? In terms of an Evinrude engine, Evinrude XD100 oil, XD30, and XD50 are recommended for models made after 1993.

Another question that is frequently posed is: What is the proper fuel to oil ratio for my motor? Generally speaking, motors made before 1958 require 20:1, motors made between 1959 and 1963 use 24:1, and motors from 1964 to the present use 50:1. Racing boats require a 25:1 ratio, as do new engine break-ins.

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Happy New Year

As we do every year, the family went down to the lake on New Year’s Eve. It was a bit nippy, but we made a campfire and toasted marshmallows for s’mores. The kids go back to school tomorrow, so it was a nice way to close out their winter vacation.

When it got close to midnight we set off fireworks on the shore (perfectly legal in our county with the proper permits). We sang a few songs and shared our resolutions for 2012. My son’s resolution surprised me the most; he wants to spend more time with me working on our boats. Not many teenagers want to go shopping for Evinrude XD 100 oil with their dad when there are videogames to be played! I sincerely hope that he’s serious about his resolution.

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Windy Winter Weather

Over the holidays I spent time with my family in the Seattle area. The surrounding area is technically a temperate rain forest, meaning it doesn’t get too hot or too cold and they get lots of rainfall. The Seattle area also doesn’t get a lot of snow, so there was no white Christmas for us.

We did, however, have a windy Christmas. The wind gusts were so forceful that the power got knocked out. It was pretty chilly so we went to the movies for some warmth and light while the power was being restored to the neighborhood. Next year I think I’ll spend Christmas in Florida where I can take my boat out, filled with Evinrude 2 cycle oil XD100, and not worry about the cold.

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