“With every trip I collect new mementos, though few are collected in scrapbooks. And those who fish for bass across the land collect them too. They are the images from first light to last and from first fish to last. And we’d share them in a minute. Some recall particular triumphs often preserved in snapshots and clippings, while others we tend to hide, at least until the time we’re ready to laugh about them. Daybreaks, canebrakes, heartbreaks, muggy nights, and foggy mornings. A hundred things that worked, and a thousand things that should have. That’s bass fishing.”

-George KramerBass

Before you head out for bass fishing, make sure you don’t get stranded. Get the right 2-cycle oil for your outboard motor!

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Safety First

Dog Life VestThe last thing anyone wants is a mishap or accident on the water. Oftentimes these scenarios can leave people susceptible to drowning or freezing. Part of a good boating safety regimen is making sure everyone on your boat is equipped with a quality-tested life vest. With all the stores offering this type of safety equipment to boating enthusiasts you can easily find almost anything you need.

Whether it’s special sizes or special quality or bouyance requirements, everything is right at your fingertips. Boating preparedness and best practices don’t end with affordable, high quality 2-cycle motor oil. Do yourself and your ship-mates the favor of maintaining a high level safety on the water.

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Fishing Among Top Ten Sports in the US

Freshwater FishingFishing is often a nostalgic activity, bringing people back to their childhood fun. Whether they enjoyed fishing with family, friends or just by themselves, fishing is an integral part of our American culture. Frequently used for recreational activity and family outings, fishing has proven itself to be one of the most relaxing activities anyone can engage in.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to bodies of water, types of fish and even types of boats. With so many boats becoming more and more affordable everyday we see more people taking to the open water for fishing expeditions with family and friends. 2-cycle engines offer an excellent resource in this area, providing lightweight, affordable motors that are convenient and easy to use. And your 2-cycle engine oil is affordable too! In creeks, streams, rivers lakes and salt-water people just like you are enjoying the real fun of fishing.

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How long before your 55 gallon drum of oil goes bad?

I use Evinrude XD50 in my 200 hp Evinrude E-Tec engine and am thinking about buying a 55 gallon bulk oil drum. I can save about $10 a gallon compared to the counter price at the store, but I wonder how fast I must use it before it goods bad…or does it ever go bad?

My two fishing buddies and I are sharing the drum and should finish it off in about a year.

Does anybody know the answers? Thanks, Bill

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Shipping deals a plus

Freight TruckBecause of its weight outboard motor oil can present a unique challenge to freight carriers and handlers. Whether it’s by the cae of by the drum, oil is heavy and requires dependable shipping. At domo-online.com they’ve done the work already, lining up a reliable, affordable freight shipper. When your order is to be delivered to Florida you can have your motor oil within just a few days of your order process completion.

Capitalizing on personalized service you can even call and find the name of the freight service nearest you so that you can go and pick your oil at that terminal. Because it’s so affordable the shipping doesn’t cause too much of an impact on the overall cost of the oil you buy. Because it’s so fairly priced you can still enjoy enormous discounts on your motor oil and still get the convenience of a competent and proved freight service.

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