Being a Cranky, Old Dad

I can always tell when my kids want something because they’ll offer to help on the boat – a task they’re usually loathe to do. This time around it was my daughter offering to help me change out the Evinrude oil on the boat. I knew what was coming, but I agreed to let her lend a hand.

Sure enough, when we were half-way done she tried to casually ask me if she could host a Halloween boat party with some of her friends. Now, I’m not anti-Halloween, but a bunch of teenagers out on a boat at night is a bad idea in general, but with the potential for Halloween mischief could make it a downright dangerous idea. She was disappointed when I firmly told her “no,” but was somewhat appeased when I told her she could have a small get together at our house on Halloween – with her mother and I supervising, of course.

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