What My Dad Taught Me About 2 Cycle Oil

domo-online blog 1 11-17-14Having been born a girl hasn’t always been easy. This is especially true because my interests lie in more masculine dominated areas, such as fast boats and hunting expeditions. At first, my father pushed aside my interest as a fleeting curiosity. He was much more involved in trying to teach my brother who had no interest at all in boats, or the outdoors for that matter. But that finally changed when my brother went to college and I got time alone with my dad.

My father decided I was serious and began teaching me everything he knew about boats. Because my education in this area was pretty beginner-level, he had to start at the most simplest instructions, such as what 2 cycle oil was and what it was used for. He informed me that this oil is intended for use in crankcase compression two-stroke engines. My next lesson is to understand what a two-stroke engine is!

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