Tips for oil changes

two cycle oil

Many people regularly perform oil changes for their cars and trucks themselves. It’s cheaper than getting it done at a repair shop, and can be done at the owner’s leisure. But not as many consider this option when it comes to changing the oil in the outboard motor on their boat or snowmobile.

Some tips for changing the oil in a two-cycle engine:
• The motor should have three ports: an upper and a lower plug, and a vent on top. To drain, remove the lower plug first, then the upper.
• Refill with two cycle oil, from the bottom. Continue filling until the oil spills out of the top vent.
• Cap off the vents and plugs.

It’s also a good time to replace the seals on the vents and plugs when changing the oil, and to look for metal shavings in the old oil. Shavings are normal, but an excessive amount means the oil should be changed more often.

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