Guide to Smooth Anchoring Part 3

The line or chain that holds your anchor is called the anchor rode. Determining how much rode to put out is an important part of effective anchoring, but it does require a little math. The first measurement you’ll want to take is the vertical distance from the surface of the water to the point on your bow where the anchor rode attaches. Once you’ve determined that measurement you want to add it to the depth of the water. Let’s say it’s 2 feet from the point on your bow where the anchor is attached and the water you’re in is 23 feet deep. You’ll use the number 25 as the total distance between bow and bottom.

The length of rode being used is also called the scope.  Recreational boaters always want to have a minimum scope equal to five times the distance between bow and bottom out at all times. In overnight conditions you need to have out six to eight times that distance. This would put you at a scope of 125 feet during the day and a scope of 150-200 feet of rode out at night. The amount you’ll need will depend on current conditions but the above is an excellent general purpose approach to anchoring wherever your adventures take you.

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