Cleaning the Carburetor


Carburetors, which pull in air to be combined with a fuel/oil mixture, are essential to any smooth-running outboard motor. It’s a pity that these finicky devices are commonly associated with engine trouble. By the very nature of their operation, carburetors are often gummed up; they require cleaning on a regular basis. There is, however, one simple way to keep the carburetor clean as long as possible – that’s by sticking with a high-quality fuel/oil mixture such as Yamalube.

When gas evaporates, it tends to leave behind a gummy residue. If you don’t take preventative measures to discourage that buildup, you may have a sticky situation on your hands. Although many fuel additives claim the ability to clean an outboard carburetor, many of them actually contain strong solvents that will do lasting damage to the fuel system (just as ethanol would).

Rather than cleaning in the carburetor during the course of operating the outboard motor, you’ll likely need to disassemble it. Allow the carburetor to soak in some specially formulated cleaning fluid. Once reassembled and ready to go, you should notice an immediate difference in terms of engine performance.

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