More Outboard Motor Thefts Reported

More Outboard Motor Thefts Reported

Less than a month after reports of widespread outboard motor thefts rocked the Florida Keys, boaters in Reno, Nev., are reporting similar troubles. According to local police and the Reno Gazette-Journal, at least eight outboards have been reported stolen in the last four months. Although authorities suspect a connection between the incidents, thieves were indiscriminant about stealing the motors. Five were taken from residences, one from a commercial business and two from storage yards.

As always, incidents like this should serve as a stern reminder – no pun intended – to keep meticulous watch over marine engines when they aren’t in use. There are a number of preventative steps boaters can take in order to deter theft. The most obvious and perhaps most effective measure requires that boat owners remove the motor from their boats and put them indoors for storage.

Other ideas include installing an outboard motor lock, putting a motion detector in the storage area, or even chaining the boat and the trailer to a permanent object. Boaters are always encouraged to take proper care of their outboard during the boating season by lubricating liberally with 2 stroke oil, but offseason care is just as important. Outboard motor theft is a very real threat, so take the time to protect your investment.

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